Quiz time! Let's reveal your child's tech superpower.

1. What would your child spend hours doing, if you let them?

A: Taking things apart and sometimes putting them back together

B: Designing worlds in Roblox or Minecraft

C: Watching drawing tutorials on YouTube

2. What is (or was) their blanket fort style?

A: A feat of engineering, aligned and assembled to perfection

B: A fortress complete with backstory, rules, and obstacles to keep out intruders

C: An explosion of styles and colors using every sheet and pillow in the house

3. What's their not-so-hidden talent?

A: They solve puzzles in record time.

B: They turn ordinary days into adventures.

C: They make the best birthday cards.

4. Who are their fictional heroes?

A: Rey Skywalker (Star Wars), Sheldon Cooper (Big Bang Theory), and Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)

B: Number Five (Umbrella Academy), Wanda (WandaVision), Mike Wheeler (Stranger Things)

C: Shuri (Black Panther), Peter Parker (Spiderman), Rapunzel (Tangled)

5. What are their go-to games?

A: Chess, League of Legends, Legos

B: Dungeons & Dragons, Zelda, Clue

C: Pictionary, Paper Mario, Stardew Valley


The results are in!

If you chose mostly A’s:


With your child’s natural curiosity and knack for problem-solving and organization, they’re well-equipped for a future in coding.

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If you chose mostly B’s:


Given your child’s imagination and love for storytelling and adventure, they’ll thrive in the field of game development.

Explore game dev courses

If you chose mostly C’s:


Blessed with an eye for style and an appreciation for all things artistic, your child will unleash their creative visions as a designer.

Explore creative courses

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