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About Robotics Camps

A robotics camp or class combines fun with the opportunity for kids and teens to build and engineer robots while learning AI, visual coding, and machine learning. Programs typically incorporate competitive challenges where kids and teens task their robots with specific actions. 

New for 2023! BattleBots camps! iD Tech customized curriculum is developed in partnership with the most prestigious universities, companies, and organizations—now including BattleBots! 

Can't wait until next summer? You can also check out our Online Private Lessons, running right now!

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There will be a $1.5 billion market for consumer and business robots by the end of the year.
-Business Insider

Robotics Camps for Kids

Weeklong summer robotics camps for kids include:

Storyteller: Visual Coding with Scratch and VEX VR
Ages: 7 - 9; Tools: Scratch & VEX VR

Super Coder: Coding and Engineering with JavaScript
Ages: 7 - 9; Tools: JavaScript

Coding and Engineering 101 with JavaScript
Ages: 10 - 12; Tools: JavaScript

Mission Mars: Space Flight with Kerbal
Ages: 10 - 12; Tools: Kerbal

Print Shop: 3D Printing for Physical Devices
Ages: 10 - 15; Tools: Blender, 3D Printer

Robotics for Teens

Weeklong and 2-week summer camps in robotics for teens include:

Robotics Engineering and Coding Lab with VEX
Ages: 13 - 17; Tools: Vex Robotics V5, VEX Coding Studio

3D Printing Modular Devices with Take-Home Printer
Ages: 13 - 17; Tools: Blender

3D Printing for Physical Devices
Ages: 10 - 15; Tools: Blender

Machine Learning: Coding Deep Neural Networks
Ages: 13 - 18; Tools: Python

Introducing BattleBots Camp

Our customized curriculum is developed in partnership with the most prestigious universities, companies, and organizations–now including BattleBots!

As the exclusive education partner of BattleBots, iD Tech is bringing kids a learning experience like no other. Coming Summer 2023, this robotics camp from BattleBots and iD Tech is guaranteed to be a knockout. Sign-up to be the first to book before it sells out

Why robotics for kids & teens?

Why attend a robotics camp or after-school program? Everything from cars and smartphones to thermostats and gaming consoles are tied to robotics and mechanical engineering.

Whether kids dream of becoming a Hardware Designer at Apple or an Aerospace Technician at NASA, robotics camp teaches the skills required to make it a reality!

Additional resources: 

Meet Abhishek

This iD Tech alum launched his robotics career at Mirrorcle, where he and his team engineer everything from supercars to space travel components.

"My experience working at iD Tech led me towards my career in engineering."

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