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  • Online Math Classes & Websites for Kids 2022

    Many students don't  love  math—but why not?  Coding for kids probably wasn't a hit at first either, that is, until it was made to be fun and engaging! The secret? Sometimes it's about finding …

  • 17 Important Math Formulas Students Should Know

    As any student knows, tough math problems are difficult enough without needing to remember the right formula. So, it’s important to have all the right tools in their back pocket!  Remembering …

  • The 10 Best Math Apps for Kids in 2022

    The way students learn is changing. Just like in other aspects of 21st century life, the mobile device is front and center. Whether kids are using them for research, watching YouTube tutorials, or …

  • When to Stop Studying for an Exam

    We’ve all been there as students: pre-exam nerves, anxiety about how the test is going to go. It’s hard to know when it’s OK to put the notes and flashcards down because you’re ready! So, we’ve put …

  • 10 easy division tricks for large and small numbers

    Once mastered, these division tricks will make basic math a breeze! Whether your student needs help with quick calculations or is memorizing their math facts, it comes in handy to have one or two …

  • Is physics hard in high school? Here’s what you need to know.

    Gravity, energy, the laws that govern the universe: easy peasy, right? With such an immense mass of material to explore, perhaps not.  Physics appears in many students’ high school careers …

  • When should you take trigonometry? High school math classes in order!

    Navigating high school curriculum can seem like a daunting task; let’s simplify things in the math department! If your child is deciding which math classes to take next, this handy guide will help …

  • What is a Quadrant in Math?

    Margo, math expert and Operations extraordinaire, is glad you asked! Quadrants will pop up on graphs in algebra, geometry, and more, and we can help chart a course to success. A quadrant is …

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