How to Speed Up Time in Minecraft

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Command blocks in Minecraft are so powerful—from changing the weather to being able to teleport to a set of coordinates, these sets of instructions can help create a variety of customized features within a game. 

Some of the more fun gameplay commands can be placed in an adventure! These command blocks are used for more intricate game and status effects. 

How to Speed Up Time in Minecraft

To speed up time from day to night, use the command "/time set night." Likewise, to speed through the night back to day, use the command "/time set day."

To speed up time more precisely to a specific time and not just a general time of day, change the above "day" or "night" commands to a specific value. 

For instance, using the following is a fun way to do a "passage of time" event in an adventure. 

  • time set 1000 = day
  • time set 6000 = noon
  • time set 13000 = night
  • time set 18000 = midnight

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