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Online learning has experienced astronomical growth in the past year, which is great news for parents looking to enrich their child’s learning from the comfort of home. 

The question is, which in the sea of options is right for your child?

It’s easy to feel spoiled for choice (and perhaps a little overwhelmed) by the surge of online tutoring services out there. After all, quantity doesn’t guarantee quality, and kids deserve not just adequate, but outstanding support, mentorship, and coaching. 

So, your child might be in need of some extra help in math, or some enrichment above and beyond typical K-12 curriculum. The benefits of tutoring go well beyond academics, so that just leaves the question: where to start? 

If you find yourself wondering where to find a tutor for your student, you’ve come to the right place. 

Best Online Tutoring Services of 2021

We’ve broken down the best online tutoring services by topic, but when choosing the right option for your child, be on the lookout for these qualities across the board: 

Immediacy: Kids should be able to start learning immediately in a topic in which they need support, extracurricular enrichment, or an extra challenge. 

Depth & Breadth: Think both in terms of range of options and the tutor’s ability to meaningfully engage your student with the material. 

Personalization: Kids can dive into anything that fits their needs in a way that aligns with their learning style and goals. 

Pacing: Kids can progress at a speed that works for them!

For a deep dive on this, check out our guide to what qualities to look for in a good tutor

Ready to check out some options? Let’s dive in! 


It’s never been easier to become a programming pro thanks to the wide availability of coding tutors! And even if your child is just looking to dip their toe in the water, there are plenty of beginner-friendly coding languages and options for kids who have never coded before. 

Here are some great options for online coding tutoring: 


It’s used as a coding language to build everything from exciting arcade-style games to advanced machine learning algorithms and models, making Python tutoring an excellent option for beginners and experienced programmers alike! 

Minecraft Java Coding and Roblox Lua Coding 

Yes, these are technically different subjects, but they have a key shared element: your child’s favorite game! On one hand,  Lua is relatively straightforward to learn and directly translates to creating obbies and other features that enhance their Roblox gaming. Meaningful learning? Check! Learn more about Roblox Lua coding

On the other hand, Minecraft is an excellent way to teach kids to code with Java, a key language for any programmer’s repertoire. Using Java, kids can create Minecraft mods (wait, what are Minecraft mods?) to customize the game they already love. Motivation? Check! Learn more about Minecraft Java coding

Wondering which game is the best fit for your learner? This guide to Minecraft vs. Roblox is a handy comparison of the two. 

Scratch Coding

Scratch is ideal for young coders; block-based coding is simple and provides quick results kids will love to see. They’ll love learning to create a game sprite (character), and kinesthetic learners who engage with hands-on projects can connect Scratch with VEX robotics. It also has plenty of interdisciplinary connections as kids code their own story or song using Scratch’s block coding drag-and-drop tools. Learn more about Scratch tutoring

C++, JavaScript, and Java

Java, JavaScript, and C++ are industry-standard, multi-purpose computer programming languages, ideal for teens interested in STEM. This trio is extremely popular and can be used to create games, mobile apps, websites, and much more. Learn more:

Looking for a little bit of everything? General Computer Science Tutoring will help your child keep up the momentum on their computer science journey and mix and match topics.

Game Design

Don't just play games, step directly into the artists’ seat. Imagine new worlds with VR, generate adventures with Minecraft, and create mind-blowing game maps with Unity and Unreal.  It’s amazing how a tutor and some project-based learning can transform gaming time into learning magic!


Bring the “M” in STEM front and center with private math tutoring. From pre-algebra to geometry, statistics, and more, 1-on-1 coaching in math takes the stress out of the equation and helps students on the path to success. Plus, enjoy the benefits of flexible virtual tutoring, and it's easier than ever to access instant expertise on a busy family schedule. 

Test Prep & SAT Prep

Stressed out by getting ready for that big test? Take the pressure off with The Princeton Review or Kaplan Test Prep; both are time-tested, high-quality options for guiding teens through the SAT and ACT testing process.


Languages are like passports to new places and cultures. Whether as a passion project or to support a class, learning a foreign language works best when interacting with a native speaker; PandaTree is a great tutoring resource for language skills.


Regular meetings with a music tutor will encourage kids to practice (which as any parent knows, can be a bit of a struggle). 

Plus, there’s no replacement for hearing music as it should sound from a caring expert musician. For music tutoring, check out School of Rock and Music & Arts; these options both offer a range of options for both in-person and virtual learning. 

Digital Art, 3D Printing, and Video

The right tutor can bring your child’s imagination to life in vivid detail while developing their digital art, 3D printing, and video skills! By combining the power of technology with their artistic skills, STEM becomes STEAM.  

Plus, a tech expert can help your child safely navigate the internet as they get their great ideas out there. Bridging the art and technology worlds is exciting, but certainly no easy feat, so a little encouragement and expertise goes a long way here. Learn more:


Writing unlocks a lot of academic content and life skills, and well worth the investment if your child needs support or some inspiration for creative writing! Chegg Writing Tutors, Pearson’s Smarthinking, and EssayPro could help your child sharpen written skills in a range of genres and purposes for writing. 

Time-Management and Organization

Organization is a challenge that a lot of kids could use help with, and juggling school schedules can make prioritizing organization even more difficult! Try Coachbit or Understood; these resources can help get kids on track with their schedules and reduce the stress of the school routine. 


There are endless educational possibilities with robotics, and it’s amazing how these little machines make it easy to tackle each area of STEM in a fun way. From sharpening math skills to learning computer science and exploring engineering, learning with robotics makes it all happen with the click of a button (well, a few buttons and of course the coding behind them).

With so many options for what kids can learn with robots like Sphero and RVR, it’s easy to see the skills-based payoff of picking it up as a hobby. And of course, it helps to have an expert who can successfully navigate all those circuits and wires!

Experience the Difference of a Great Tutor

A summer of project-based learning is the ultimate investment in your children’s future. And with the right mentor, there’s no limit to what your child can accomplish. 

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