Father’s Day Celebration Ideas for 2021

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Especially after a year of challenging parenting hurdles, it’s a great time to celebrate dads! Get creative with fun ways to celebrate Father’s Day and enjoy the day as a family. 

Summer is finally here, a very welcome arrival after a 365-day whirlwind for parents everywhere. Add Father’s Day into the mix, and there’s no better time to kick back, enjoy some time outside, and embrace the things that dad loves the most. 

10 Creative Ideas for Father’s Day

If you’re on the hunt for how to celebrate Father’s Day this year, these 10 ideas (or perhaps a combination of a few of them!) are sure to kick off the holiday with fun, quality time, and relaxation dads will love. 

1. Dad Joke -a-Thon

If there’s anything universal that brings all dads together, it’s an appreciation of punny, clever, and perhaps a bit corny, dad jokes. So naturally, they need to take a place of honor on Father’s Day. 

Get started from pulling some favorites from dad’s vault of comedic gold (his joke dada-base, if you will).

Whether it’s a personalized, illustrated book of his favorite dad jokes or a family competition of telling them (while trying not to laugh); or simply a whip around over dinner, an infusion of humor is sure to fill the day with laughter, or at least some priceless cringes. 

2. Lawn Game-Lympics

Especially if the dad in question has a competitive streak, a backyard or park-side lawn game “Olympiad” makes an excellent Father’s Day activity. 

Brainstorm a list of his favorite outdoor games, draw up teams, and you’ll be off to the races. Some fun lawn games might include:

  • Cornhole
  • 3-legged race
  • Frisbee golf
  • Volleyball 
  • Badminton 
  • ...whatever your family will enjoy most!

For an extra incentive, add prizes or even a themed medal ceremony to culminate a sunshine-filled day of fun.

3. Vintage Video Game Night

Great for an evening activity or perhaps a rainy Father’s Day, turn back the console clock so dad can show everyone how it’s done. Bust out Mario Kart, Donkey Kong, or whatever retro game he loves the most for some family fun and competition. 

Of course, if the dad to be celebrated is a big gamer, simply select a game that everyone can enjoy together. Need some ideas? Use this list of the best video games for family game night for inspiration.

4. Celebrate Dad with a Themed Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn’t love a good scavenger hunt challenge? Throw in some clues based on dad’s favorite things, inside jokes, or anything else that comes to mind, and you’ve got a wonderful activity gift that’s as enjoyable as it is thoughtful and sweet. 

Get inspiration by adapting these scavenger hunt clues or totally customize your Father’s Day themed scavenger hunt. Score bonus points by having the hunt culminate in a gift for dad, or sprinkle small gifts, treats, photographs (really get creative here!) that he can discover along the way. 

5. Host a “Drive In” Movie Night

It’s amazing what cinematic magic you can achieve with a projector and a spare tarp or bed sheet. 

This Father’s Day, go all out with dad’s favorite movie. As a family, enjoy Top Gun, Star Wars, or whatever film he’ll like most, and watch it under the stars. Of course, an indoor movie night is also an option, and can be taken to the next level with a themed menu or trivia game!

6. Have an Outdoor Adventure

Biking, hiking, tennis, fishing, golf—whatever dad enjoys most in the outdoors is always a great way to spend Father’s Day. Plan out a family excursion (or arrange for dad to have some relaxing solo time), and savor the lovely June weather. 

A fun day trip adds adventure and activity to Father’s Day and can be made all the more special by throwing in a few other things dad will love. A trip to his favorite ice cream spot, perhaps? A personalized soundtrack for the drive? A picnic with some of his favorite snacks? Go for it! 

7. Make a Quote Wall

A quote wall featuring humorous or inspiring quotes from someone dad admires makes for a really fun Father’s Day DIY activity or gift. So, think of a historical figure, athlete, artist, or some other person that will brighten his day, and get crafting. This guide is a useful baseline for bringing the quote wall vision to life. 

Not only would a great quote wall jazz up the basement, his office, or whatever part of the house he loves most, it’s a gift that will keep on giving whenever he looks at it.

8. Have a Backyard Campfire

Of course, only do this if it’s safe to have an actual campfire outdoors! If not, recreating a campfire indoors can also be fun (s’mores fondue, anyone??).

Wait for dark, gather as a family, and enjoy some time by the fire for marshmallow roasting, storytelling, and overall wonderful quality time together. Ghost stories from his childhood would make a great addition, or perhaps write your own story as a family for fireside fun. 

9. BBQ (with a Twist)

A delicious barbeque is a Father’s Day staple, so either keep things classic or shake things up by trying out some new recipes.

Why not explore barbeque from around the world this Father’s Day? Korean barbeque is delectable, and Hawaiian-style barbecue is sure to be delightful and a little different. Of course, BBQ from the American south (there are tremendous regional differences to explore here! Texas barbeque will be different from traditional Cajun-inspired Louisiana recipes) is a great fallback, and sure to make Father’s Day dinner a memorable treat. 

10. Create a Father’s Day Memory Book

Any parent knows that time flies, so why not start a tradition that captures Father’s Day memories?

It could be a scrapbook to be added to every year, or perhaps a way to document this year’s family adventures, whatever works best. Dad will absolutely love looking back on this precious time, and it makes a wonderful gift that will become more and more special with the years. 

Happy Father’s Day from our iD Family to Yours!

This holiday is all about family, so it’s hard to go wrong with any of these ideas, or whatever you have in mind. So, go ahead and take some of the pressure off and enjoy a lovely Father’s Day 2021!

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