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Entrepreneurship Facts 

  • Entrepreneurship is about getting products in front of people, surrounding yourself with a community of driven professionals, and trying again, and again, and again—whether it's your first, third, or fortieth attempt.

  • If your child wants to be an entrepreneur and start their own business, it's not a one-and-done situation. From creating a business plan and designing a logo to marketing and attracting like-minded people, there’s much to be done!

  • One tip for any budding entrepreneur who might be overwhelmed is to break tasks down into manageable chunks while fostering the technical skills needed for their next steps.

  • Businesses are more than a means to make money. They're an opportunity to realize passions, work toward something meaningful, and find people to connect with. The relationships forged and the skills gained will keep entrepreneurs going when the going gets tough.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why entrepreneurship for kids and teens?
According to, 93% of successful entrepreneurs started as kids and teens, so that begs the question: why aren’t there more young entrepreneurs? By exploring entrepreneurship, students will have practiced what can take years to learn with the benefit of collaborative feedback and industry-tested advice. New knowledge (and perhaps a killer business idea) in hand, they’ll be ready to approach school, their hobbies, and life with a whole new outlook: one of a budding business leader.

What are entrepreneurship courses like?
Entrepreneurship courses bring fun to topics with Adobe and other tools, giving students the chance to create while gaining experience in product conceptualization, design, negotiation, and other areas.

Which entrepreneurship course is right for my child?
It depends on their skill level, interests, and goals! Your child can take their beginning love of business to the next level, or go deeper into more advanced courses. Our Academic Advisors are here to provide personalized recommendations.

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