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We’re here to help unlock your students’ brilliance.

As a counselor, you’re passionate about coaching teens to reach their potential and pursue their dreams. With trusted test prep tutors and cutting-edge courses backed by world-class universities and companies, we’ll help you ensure their success in school, college, and beyond.

Virtual Pre-Collegiate Tutoring | Ages 13-19

Led by iD Certified tutors with deep subject-matter expertise, teens will go beyond basic comprehension, diving into practice problems to develop a deep understanding of the test content. No matter their learning style, our elite tutors will create study strategies that play to their strengths, preparing them to achieve their best scores and boost their chances for acceptance.

Online Teen Academies | Ages 13-19

We’ve partnered with the world’s most prestigious institutions to create unparalleled online learning experiences for teens. With curriculum developed by elite university faculty and industry experts and live teaching from our iD Tech instructors, students will earn portfolio-building tech certification for futures in coding, AI, UX design, business, and more.

Courses That Transform Teens’ Love of Gaming Into Real-World Skills | Ages 13-19

"Some parents are confused that computer gaming is a major. I explain it saying gaming is the hook. What the students are learning is graphic design, coding, the physics of motion, augmented reality, virtual reality, neural networks, lighting, sound, and so much more. These skills can be implemented in any industry."

-Martha Y., Parent of iD alum

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