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  • Why Kids Should Learn to Code

    These days, it seems like technology is absolutely everywhere . Remember 2019? It pales in comparison to 2020’s tech infusion. Heading into the office happens from home, and students connect …

  • How to Practice Python Coding Online

    Not only is Python one of the most  versatile coding languages  out there, it can give programmers a leg up into today’s fastest-growing STEM jobs and top universities. Surprisingly, even though …

  • What is the Most Popular Game on Scratch?

    The most popular game on Scratch is Paper Minecraft v11.6 (Minecraft 2D), with over 350,00 hearts. This is according to and their page dedicated to the "most loved Scratch …

  • How to Make a Snake Game in Scratch

    Snake is a classic game where the player will control a small snake using arrow key controls. When the snake eats a collectable item on the map, it'll grow in length. Fun, right? Let's …

  • Python Coding Games

    While Python coding can be used to create many amazing things like games, games themselves are actually some of the most engaging and motivating ways for kids to learn how to code with Python.  …

  • Minimax Algorithm in Chess, Checkers & Tic-Tac-Toe

    Minimax Algorithm Definition The minimax algorithm is a decision rule that minimizes the maximum possible loss of a worst-case scenario for the player. The minimax algorithm is able to minimize …

  • Minecraft Coding for Kids—Tips, Courses & More

    Minecraft is cool, undoubtedly—even most parents can easily agree on that one! But what about the sandbox game’s educational, entrepreneurial, and overall long-term value for kids? “I see the …

  • 10 online coding classes for kids & teens in 2022

    2020-2021 delivered their fair share of surprises—but through the adjustments and hardships, it has opened up new doors of opportunity. Not just with the coding classes we will get to in a second, …

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