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Online Teen Academies (Ages 13-19)

Business Facts 

  • Two-thirds of startups fail. Don’t let your child's dream become a statistic. With simulations and case studies, we’ll show them the way to go…and NOT go!

  • Innovation is at the heart of disruption, and strategy can be learned by looking to titans like Apple, Spotify, Netflix, and Amazon that have revolutionized everything from music and movies to our daily lives.

  • Whether it's the meteoric rise of K-pop band BTS or a new hit game like Pokémon exploding onto the scene, worldwide phenomena often seem to start overnight. Is the secret to going viral hiding in decades of hard work, or in letting fans pump up content generation (officially or unofficially)?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why business for kids and teens? 
Successful companies that change the world don't just improve the marketplace. They transform it, turning enormous industries on their heads and gaining profits from countless players. When your child is setting out to break the rules of business, studying disruptors like these is vital. 

And, leadership comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether their style is bombastic and effervescent or more calm and insightful, they can build on their own strengths to become someone others listen to and rely on for guidance.

What are business courses like?
Business courses bring fun to case studies, simulations, and other tools, giving students the chance to build a business mindset while gaining experience in innovation, disruption, leadership, and more.

Which business course is right for my child?
It depends on their skill level, interests, and goals! Your child can take their beginning love of business to the next level, or go deeper into more advanced courses. Our Academic Advisors are here to provide personalized recommendations.

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Businesses are more than a means to money. They're an opportunity to realize passions and work toward something meaningful.

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Apps, video games, life-saving tech...our world runs on code! Kids can dive into Java, Python, C++, and more today.

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Kids approach gameplay from a new angle and discover the underlying mechanics of the game in a collaborative environment! 

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