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Wireless Redstone Adventure Maps in Minecraft

  • Price: $399/week
  • Age: 7 - 9
  • Skill Level: Intermediate–Advanced
  • Format: Virtual Tech Camps | Small-Group, Online
  • Duration: Weeklong

About This Course

Unlock the power of sound in Minecraft! Whether you’re stomping around, blowing up TNT traps, or any other way you make a ruckus, it can help you unleash and evolve your Redstone contraptions! 1.18 brought many new blocks to the game, one of which is the Skulk Sensor. This sensing block can detect sounds and react to noisy players, but it can also be used to create “wireless” redstone signals. You can design areas where people can’t help but to get loud and build new contraptions to help or hinder them through your adventure maps. Unlock the secrets of the Skulk Sensor (and more redstone devices) to create new experiences and bring your maps and adventures into the future.

Tools: Minecraft Java Edition

Topics Covered

  • Use sound sensors to transmit redstone signals wirelessly
  • Apply engineering concepts to create redstone machines
  • Utilize the Skulk Sensor to enhance gameplay
  • Create traps for noisy players and mobs

Portfolio-Boosting Transcript

At the conclusion of your child's course, they will receive an official iD Tech transcript outlining the skills they learned over the course of the week.

Learn from the best.

Passion for tech. Unmatched expertise. Personality that brings out the absolute best in your child. With 23 years of experience, we know there's no replacement for the best teacher. It's no surprise that iconic companies like Google, EA, Microsoft, and Disney hire the same talent we do. Our iD Certified instructors possess the whole package of skills that top employers seek.

  • 100% USA-based, adult instructors

  • Recruited from top universities like Stanford, Caltech, and NYU

  • Rigorous background and reference checks

  • Robust training programs and certification

  • Adherence to American Camp Association accredited guidelines

Frequently Asked Questions

Redstone is a powerful Minecraft resource that bears redstone dust when mined, which is then used for redstone circuits, or electricity in the Minecraft world. Command blocks can add a customized feature or action to existing gameplay, like changing the weather. View more Minecraft terms.

Redstone unlocks a whole new world of possibilities within Minecraft, and it encourages kids to think outside the box! Getting creative with game design is just one of many learning benefits of Minecraft. Kids will transform passive gaming into active creating in no time, motivated by the game they already love.

If your child loves to build and interact with Minecraft, redstone is the perfect catalyst for an adventure in game design! Making the transition from just playing Minecraft to thinking critically about the game is one of the best ways to encourage young kids to pursue STEM in school, college, and beyond. 

This course is intended for students who have completed a related course or have equivalent experience. With our small class sizes, each student will continue to receive individual attention and learn at their own pace.

While we are proud to offer world-class experiences on many of the world’s most prestigious university campuses, we also recognize that many families need the flexibility of quality virtual learning! It’s with these families in mind that we’ve adapted the core elements of our flagship camps to an online format with our Virtual Tech Camps

Like our on-campus programs, Virtual Tech Camps feature structured small-group sessions led by expert instructors. Each week includes live  teaching of our signature, cutting-edge curriculum, plus peer collaboration, social time, and independent project work. To complete the experience, our Virtual Tech Camps incorporate all the magic of summer camp including games, challenges, and legendary iD traditions!

To run an online course with iD Tech, students will need a Mac or Windows computer (no Chromebooks, unless otherwise specified), a webcam, and a stable internet connection with access to Zoom video conferencing. Any course-specific installation requirements will be communicated after registration.

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